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Freeing you from the tyranny of movie plots

March 14, 2022

Faking Movies — Ep. 227. My Favorite Year

Zak tackles My Favorite Year.  Religion and booze... that's what we're doing this week.  Join us as we goof our way through two very different movies this week!

February 28, 2022

Faking Movies — Ep 226. Clip Show!

Everyone tackles attempted humor.  Big moves, big life stuff, big clip show.  We'll be back with some original lunacy in two weeks, but until then, enjoy this thing!

February 14, 2022

Faking Movies — Ep 225. Devil in a Blue Dress

Lee tackles Devil in a Blue Dress.  Listen, the audio is absolute dogshit in this episode, apologies for that... Zak used the wrong mic, Lee refuses to buy a mic, Seth did just fine, honestly.  ANYWAY, what a dichotomy of movies today... some of the best and some of the worst -- tune in for a real messy, real fun romp.

January 31, 2022

Faking Movies — Ep 224. Blow Out

Seth tackles Blow Out.  This week, we've got one movie it feels like we've kinda seen before and one that we're certain no one has ever seen before, but that everyone would absolutely love.  Seriously, it absolutely rips.

January 18, 2022

Faking Movies — Ep 223. The Bonfire of the Vanities

Zak tackles The Bonfire of the Vanities.  What a horrendous title for this thing we do! This week we get into murders and... well, I guess mostly murders.  The January malaise is upon us, so cozy up to the bonfire this week!

January 3, 2022

Faking Movies — Ep 222. The Player

Lee tackles The Player.  This week we've got "stuff inside other stuff", in two kinda different, kinda similar ways.  Tangents abound, as we stumble our way through the holidays -- here's to 2022!

December 20, 2021

Faking Movies — Ep 221. Big Business

Seth tackles Big Business.  We've got stories about places this week... at least 3 of them.  And a lot... I mean, a LOT of hijinx.  So tune in for a real pre-xmas romp!

December 6, 2021

Faking Movies — Ep 220. The Spirits Within

Lee tackles The Spirits Within.  Sometimes people (or entire production companies) take a massive swing.  Very occasionally that pays off, but most of the time it's a huge disaster.  This week, we're in that latter category.  Also, huge friend of the show and famed street team leader Kev is here!

November 22, 2021

Faking Movies — Ep 219. Legends of the Fall

Zak tackles Legends of the Fall.  We've got some sci-fi and some historical period piece nonsense, but the real question is: what ARE the true merits of nostalgia-baiting in the automotive industry and WILL Lee find his dream car? 

November 8, 2021

Faking Movies — Ep 218. The Trouble with Bliss

Lee tackles The Trouble with Bliss.  We've got a weirder-than-normal mix of nostalgia porn and unromantic romances.  Going kinda off the deep end on both of these, so tune in to see which can possibly be weirder.