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June 28, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 209. Gerry

Lee tackles Gerry.  It's not clear how we even stumbled upon this movie, if we're being honest, but this week we've got two journeys.  What happens? Honestly, it's not clear that anyone knows, but tune in to see if you can figure it out!

June 21, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 208. Cast a Deadly Spell

Seth tackles Cast a Deadly Spell.  We've been doing a lot of movies that "barely exist" recently and this one is certainly no exception! Tune in to see what kinda wacky magical hijinx both movies get into this week!

June 14, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 207. The Ruling Class

Zak tackles The Ruling Class.  Can you think of a thing worse than pretentious boarding schools?  Oh, British royalty shenanigans? Ah, you're right.  Well, here we are... we've got both... it's a mess.  

June 7, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 206. Cracks

Lee tackles Cracks.  Well, they're all British and some of them are friends.  Everything else about these two movies is different.  We've got some great wars and some antiquated boarding schools -- tune in for some old-timey fun!

May 31, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 205. The Way Back

Seth tackles The Way Back.  Is that deja vu you're experiencing? Seth too!! We've got a sorta whimsical movie and a decidedly bummer movie this week -- tune in for Seth's second time doing a second-chance movie.

May 24, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 204. Memoirs of an Invisible Man

Zak tackles Memoirs of an Invisible Man.  Well, if there's one thing we can agree on this week, it's that Chevy Chase is a real soggy dumper.  Obviously there's some invisible dudes, and some antics... and hey, we actually got all the audio on this one, so that's success enough, eh?

May 17, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 203. Clip Show

We all tackle... a lost episode.  It finally happened folks, we finally lost one.  Brought to you this week by "technical difficulties", we have a clip show of random stuff! Do yourself a favor and search out a preview of the movie Holy Motors to see what you have the pleasure of NOT listening to this week (spoiler alert: it was an unending nightmare).  We'll be back next week!

May 10, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 202. Teknolust

Seth tackles Teknolust.  This week we've got two WAY out there movies... like  waaaaaaaaaay out there.  Tune in this week for some high art about... scientists? and like... paint? and semen? Ugh.

May 3, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 201. Boys from Brazil

Kevin tackles Boys from Brazil.  Sometimes in quarantine, stuff gets a LITTLE loose... today's one of those days.  We've got some horses and some... nazi's? Tune in and crack a beer with us this week.

April 26, 2021

Faking Movies – Ep 200. The

Zak tackles The.  That's right for episode 200 we did a movie that barely has a title.  TWO BILLS, folks, we made it, and this one is just absolutely full of goofs from Christmases past.   On one hand we've got a battle between roommates and on the other, a dubious game show of sorts.   Tune in and celebrate our bicentennial!